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March 30

What is Film Criticism? (Essay)

An essay on the origin, purpose, problems, and future of film criticism.

January 06

The Great Gatsby (2013)

This is an outstanding modern adaptation of an all-time classic.

August 22

Aussie Wedding Films

How does Australian film represent the “white wedding” ritual?

July 26

Truth and Documentary

There are many kinds of documentary just as there are many kinds of truth

March 22

Book: Inside Bureaucratic Power (1994)

The continuing challenges of changing the public sector are better understood through the lens of history

August 04

Who owns Government information?

While ever governments lock up vast stores of inaccessible information there can never be true democracy.

August 03

Social media and social change

  The traditional web is a top-down framework that separates the ‘means of production’ from consumers. In other words, there were only web controllers and web users. The concept of ‘produsage’ as developed by Axel Bruns refers to the “breakdown” or convergence of producers and consumers. While this has not yet fully inverted the traditional […]