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December 26

Nitram (2021)

A true story of evil, mental illness, and gun control.

August 17

Babyteeth (2020)

A quirky sad addition to the ‘terminally ill love-struck teen’ genre

June 01

Top End Wedding (2019)

tepid Aussie rom-com becomes poetic essay on belonging

September 25

Ladies in Black (2018)

Entertaining, heart-warming, and a visual feast of nostalgia.

January 19

Sweet Country (2017)

a visually stunning outback tale that resonates today

November 02

Three Summers (2017)

an irreverent comic snapshot of the Aussie national culture

June 19

The Death & Life of Otto Bloom (2016)

a clever mockumentary about the concept of time

May 31

Don’t Tell (2017)

landmark battle between a brave abuse victim and a heartless church school

March 06

Jasper Jones (2017)

A coming-of-age, thriller and rom-com mashup that looks at dysfunctional lives in an Aussie country town.

December 23

Lion (2016)

An immensely satisfying cinematic experience: visually stunning, narratively powerful, and an emotional whirlwind.

September 21

Spin Out (2016)

Roaring dust-storms of utes and non-stop drinking in a confusion of juvenile slapstick sketches

August 14

Down Under (2016)

A comically lame quagmire of vilification and gratuitous violence.

June 13

Goldstone (2016)

A brilliantly photographed and entertaining crime thriller that foregrounds the spectacular Australian outback and pays respect to its ancestral heritage.

May 05

A Month of Sundays (2016)

A thoughtful and well-acted portrait of an emotionally convoluted archetypal Australian male who borders on clinical depression

April 05

Crushed (2015)

A daughter’s quest for the crushing truth is the binding metaphor of this story.

February 27

The Daughter (2015)

A metaphorical collision between a single ray of truth and the lie that connects two families.

January 24

Last Cab to Darwin (2015)

This film can mess with your head about the complex issue of assisted dying, but it’s an Aussie gem well worth the effort.