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August 01

Whats post-human about the web?

The history of the digital age was launched when Alan Turing built the first computer in the 1940’s at the UK National Physics Laboratory. The story of how he did this is told in the acclaimed film The Imitation Game (2014). In the time since his pioneering work, computers have evolved from large mainframes, to […]

July 11

How did the Internet start?

In 1945, George Orwell coined the term “cold war” to describe a prolonged period of political confrontation between the United States and Russia. By the 1950’s, there were several military crises as the two superpowers were constantly trying to out-perform each other. Few people today know that the “Space Race” was the major stimulus for […]

July 11

WELCOME to CineMuseFilms

This blog started out in 2013 as part of a digital media unit in a Bachelor of Media & Communication course.  I’ve left the original posts here as historical markers, as well as eclectic mix of other writings, such as academic essays, a short story, a book published from my PhD, and other odds and sods. The […]