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July 22

What is the Semantic Web?

 Web searches to date has been based on syntactical code, which is the “nearest fit” between the queried keyword and stored data. The evolutionary turning point for the Semantic Web is the shift towards semantic code which incorporates “reasoning using probability and causality…and the relationships between statements, concepts, or propositions, and the rules of inference” (Dowd 2008). […]

July 14

Can computers think?

Films like Blade Runner (1982) reflect a social anxiety that the machines we build will one day control us. It seems simple now, but key steps in getting here relates to simple information indexing. Half a century ago my parents gave me a 7-volume encyclopedia called the Book of Knowledge to use through high school. My friends and […]

July 11

WELCOME to CineMuseFilms

This blog started out in 2013 as part of a digital media unit in a Bachelor of Media & Communication course.  I’ve left the original posts here as historical markers, as well as eclectic mix of other writings, such as academic essays, a short story, a book published from my PhD, and other odds and sods. The […]